Seargeants Remodel - Remodeling Scam

New Braunfels, Texas 0 comments
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Seargeants Remodel (ServiceMagic) aka JustinSchonna Huber have a remodeling scam.We have payed them over $8,700 to tile one bathroom and one shower.

The contract called for them to replace soffits, flooring, ceiling, etc. I realize they drag work schedule to collect payments (draw schedule) and then when you press them for time table the run.

Not to mention the quality of work is poor. They alledge to work for Sadler Homes, a large high end builder.

One of the workers wife apparently works there.Don't rely on ServiceMagic reviews as the Huber's former business Infiniti Construction and J & S are prior businesses that have folded.

Review about: Construction.

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